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The Event:

Test your marksmanship with skeet shooting, rifelry and archery using a variety of exotic equipment. From a classic colt to Barret .50 caliber sniper rifles. From compound bows to double barrel shotguns... See all

Feel the rush that only superb firepower can provide.Shooting is fun by itself, but competing brings this experience to the next level. We not only give you the opportunity to play with some serious firepower, we are also giving you the opportunity for bragging rights of best shot…….need we say more!?

The Food:
At this point you’ve worked up an appetite that could feed on a small cow, well that’s exactly what you will be doing. We are bringing you a world class BBQ pit without the pig. Whole Smoked Brisket. Rack of Ribs... See all

Steaks. Sauces and Rubs. All cooked to perfection by Smokey Joe, crowned with the international meat award, we’re talking serious. Warning: Come Hungry! Oh, and there will be an open bar with bar tenders ready to mix your perfect drink or hand it to you neat, your preference. Of course there will be food and drinks by all shooting stations (alcohol free until the BBQ).

The Raffle:
A raffle like no other, bring home some firepower and other great prizes that you can’t and won't just pick up anywhere.

The Where:
Don’t worry about the where! Prepare yourself for the how. Luxurious Sprinters will pick you up and drop you off so you can take care of what you need to take care of for the day en route and get home safely. Yes, we’ve thought of everything!

The Finale:
Without disclosing all of our secrets, you will walk out with door prizes that will leave you thinking one thing and one thing only…….WOW!

  • Firehouse
  • Chloe nightclub
  • Firehouse bar